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UAE to host Global Goals World Cup

Sustainable Mindz and Eir Soccer believe that the UAE is a great location for the first edition of the GGWCup in the Mena region. The tournament is a one-day, spectator friendly, five-a-side football tournament for women and girls, assembling 24 women’s teams to experience the sheer joy of playing football and the meaningfulness of taking a stand for the world they want.

Commenting on the GGWCup UAE launch, Merete Juhl, ambassador of Denmark to the UAE, said: “We are glad to be associated with the GGWCup in the UAE. The sustainability goals give both the international community as well as the global public a clear direction towards what must be achieved to ensure a better future. By empowering each other, women can shape and achieve this future.”

Majken Gilmartin, co-founder of the GGWCup, said: “We are very pleased to include Sustainable Mindz in the GGWCup family. We have high expectations for the value Sustainable Mindz will bring to the GGWCup group especially through their great experience and network in the private sector. We are looking forward to a long-term partnership, through which we will build a strong GGWCup presence and tradition in the Mena region for years to come. The GGWCup is part of celebrating the growing commitment in the region to sustainable development and gender equality, and giving local companies and organisations a great opportunity to join our global community in showing their support for the sustainable development goals.”

Source: Gulf News