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Danish Citizens right to vote from abroad

If you are living abroad and has no address in the national register, you can only be registered in the voters’ register and participate in election in Denmark if you belong to one of the groups listed below.

Who can be registered in the electoral register despite of residence abroad?

- Persons abroad who intend to return to the realm within 2 years after departure.

It is also possible for the below mentioned groups of persons:
- Persons employed by the Danish State and on duty outside the realm.
- Persons on duty abroad and employed by the Government or a Danish private company or a Danish organization.
- Persons on duty abroad and employed by an international organization of which Denmark is a member.
- Persons stationed on duty abroad by a Danish relief organization.
- Persons residing abroad for educational purposes.
- Persons abroad for health reasons.
- Persons abroad who because of their ties to Denmark can be compared to the above-mentioned persons.

In addition to these, spouses, registered partners and cohabitants to the above-mentioned persons can also maintain their right to vote under the same conditions.

Application form for registering at the register for persons residing abroad:


You must apply to register in the electoral register

If you have removed your name from the national register and belong to one of the groups of persons mentioned above, you must apply to register in the electoral register to be able to vote in the election in Denmark.

You can register for the electoral register at the National Register at the same time when you remove your name from the National Register for moving abroad.

You may also pick-up an application form here which you can fill in and forward to the national register at your latest municipality of residence. In certain cases the municipality must forward the application to the electoral commission, which decides in certain cases about registering in the electoral register of Danes living abroad.


When must I apply?

In order for your vote to reach an election in Denmark your application must be processed at the latest 7 days before election day. The municipality and electoral commission need some time to process your application which you should therefore forward in due time before the next election.


For how long time will I remain registered in the electoral register?

If you get registered in the electoral register, it will be for the duration of 2 years. You will receive a letter informing you of the duration, and what to do if you want to apply for an extension after expiry of the 2 year period.


In which elections can I vote?

For the duration of your register you have the right to participate in general elections, referenda and elections to the European Parliament, but not in municipal and regional elections.


Postal voting abroad

If you are abroad and so prevented from voting in Denmark on election day, you may vote by post at a Danish Embassy or Consulate abroad. It is, however, a condition that you are registered in the electoral register.

There is no deadline for when you must have given your vote abroad for it to be counted, but postal votes must be given in sufficient time before election day for it to reach your former municipality of residence before the voting on election day starts at 9 o’clock.

You must remember to bring identification, i.e. passport, driving licence or medical card.


Particularly about Danes residing in one of the other EU Countries

Danes having reached 18 years of age and living in one of the other EU Countries have on application a right to participate in elections for the European Parliament in Denmark. That also applies to the Danes not included in one of the groups of persons described above who despite their residing abroad can be considered to have kept residence in the country.