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Please find information on how to renew or apply for Danish passport on this page. All passport applications must be submitted in person at the Danish Consulate General in Dubai as we are required to obtain biometric data.

General information

  • All Danes above the age of 5 have to provide a digital signature when they apply
  • All Danes above the age of 12 will be fingerprinted
  • All applicants - regardless of age - will have their photo taken (however, we recommend that you bring a photo for infants).

Passports for children under 18 years:

  • Both parents and the child have to come in person when applying for or extending a passport
  • Application form completed and signed. The application form can be downloaded from this page. Please make sure both parents sign on page 3.
  • Both parents' original passport
  • The child's current passport and a photocopy of the passport data page - if the child already has a Danish passport.

For first time passport application also bring:

  • Child's original birth certificate and copy  (in English)
  • Parents' original marriage certificate and copy (in English)

Passports for persons over 18 years

  • Application form completed and signed. The application form can be downloaded from this page
  • The current passport and photocopy of the passport data page

Download application form

Processing time

Passports to Danish citizens residing abroad are produced in Denmark and the processing time is between 3-4 weeks. Passport applications should therefore be submitted well before a scheduled journey.

Opening hours for passport renewals


Please see Fees

If your passport has been stolen

If your passport has been lost or stolen you must:

  1. File a police report at the nearest police station; they will issue a police report.
  2. Bring the police report to Dubai Courts, where they will stamp the police report.
  3. Bring it to the Public Prosecution Department (next to Dubai Courts) for the same procedure.
  4. Take the report to the General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) and they will stamp it too.
  5. After the GDRFA stamp go back to the same police station that gave you the lost report and they will issue a lost passport certificate in Arabic.

Here you will find a step-by-step guide including addresses.

Take this certificate and get it legal translated at: Renaissance Translation Service: 705 Business Village (Near Clock Tower - Deira) Email tel: 044 329 206.

Finally you take these two documents to the Danish Consulate General. In addition you have to bring either a copy of your lost passport or some other kind of documentation such as Birth Certificate or Drivers Licence and a completed and signed application form. The application form can be downloaded from this page. 

Your current passport

When collecting your new passport you must bring in your current passport for cancellation. The cancellation does not apply to existing visas.

Application form for Danish passport