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Join the Danish delegation to Erbil

24.03.2019  09:15

With 38.7 million inhabitants and large oilfields, Iraq is a large and hugely interesting market. Particularly after the improved security situation and the new government determined to rebuild the country, many business opportunities across sectors are starting to appear. The government of Erbil focuses on a sustainable reconstruction and development of the Northern region, which is outlined in the country's Vision 2020.

At local level, Danish investments in the rebuilding of Iraq has been requested. The request is aimed at the strategic sectors of infrastructure, water, telecommunications, transport, health and food.

Therefore, the Trade Council of Denmark is organising a business delegation for Danish companies to tap in to the growing and unlocked business potential of Erbil. The delegation will take place from 25 to 27 November 2019 and will include meetings with local businesses and local authorities.

Please download the official invitation here.

For more information, please contact Senior Commercial Advisor, Edith Christmas:

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