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The Trade Council

Welcome to the commercial section of the Royal Danish Consulate General in Dubai. Here, we work to promote Danish exports and business interests in the UAE and to foster long lasting partnerships and business relations between Denmark and the UAE.

The primary tasks of the Trade Council in the United Arab Emirates are to support Danish companies with export, investment and partnership activities in the United Arab Emirates as well as the Middle Eastern region.

We have built a diverse and comprehensive network of relevant contacts within a broad range of sectors and markets as well as governments and diplomatic channels. Hence, the Consulate General is ready to assist you with strategic advice and valuable insights of the Middle Eastern business and political praxis.

The Trade Council is directly represented in the United Arab Emirates through dedicated trade advisors working in the Consulate General in Dubai. The Consulate General is referring to the Embassy in Abu Dhabi which makes it possible to draw on the political expertise and many high level contacts of the Embassy. This substantially increases the leverage of the Consulate General when assisting Danish companies in solving difficult and/or complicated situations.

The Consulate General offers the whole Trade Council range of services from market surveys and feasibility studies, to partner searches, alliance building and strategic sparring including development of regional strategies for the Middle East and North African Region (MENA).

The combination of business know how, in depth knowledge of local conditions and the prestige of the Danish Diplomatic missions makes the Consulate General in Dubai and the Embassy in Abu Dhabi ideal partners for Danish companies seeking to start or to expand their activities in the area.