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The Trade Council offers A-Z consulting services for Danish companies with an interest in the UAE market. From market analysis, partner identification and meeting programs to market entry strategies and company establishments. Read more about the variety of services the Consulate General offers here

We have built a diverse and comprehensive network of relevant contacts within a broad range of sectors and markets as well as governments and diplomatic channels. The Consulate General is ready to assist you with strategic advice and valuable insights of the Middle Eastern business and political praxis.
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Market Research and Analysis

Whenever entering a new market outside of Denmark, it is vital to get a good and thorough understanding and comprehension of the distribution cycle, supply and demand and general potential within a specific field of interest. A market analysis is a good way to be introduced to the possibilities and challenges that surrounds the market relevant to your specific product.   

Depending on your needs, we conduct market research and analysis in order to give you the best possible information.

Partner Search and Identification

Identification of a partner in the UAE market will most likely consume a large share of your resources in terms of energy, money, and time. To a great extent, success and sustainability of a business project depends on the local business partner’s ability and will to make business. It is therefore important for a company to find the right business partner abroad.

Identification of a partner begins with you and your company defining the criteria which are pivotal for your choice of partner in the UAE. The Trade Council can assist you in advancing the criteria. The criteria will be defined on the basis of your company’s ambition, mission, vision, business strategy, and if needed, it can also include the Public Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) when forming the criteria for your partner search.
On the basis of the criteria defined, the Trade Advisors at the Trade Council will conduct your partner search and offer assistance within the following areas:

  • Setting up your partner criteria
  • Partner profile
  • Desk- and field research
  • Screening of potential local business partner(s)
  • Presentation of business idea, products, or projects
  • Initial dialogue with local business partner(s)
  • Indicative analysis of business options

Meeting Programmes

After many years in the UAE, the Trade Council in Dubai has been able to build a solid network of businesses and people in many different sectors. Continuously, this network is expanded and reinforced, which creates the right foundation for setting up meetings with the right people and businesses.

The Consulate General in Dubai is therefore able to set up the meetings, which are right for your business.

Receptions, Networking and Workshops

The Trade Council often assists Danish companies in organizing dinners and receptions in the UAE for potential partners, customers, policy makers, ect. The receptions can have different venues depending on the specific customer and audience. Hosting a reception or networking event is an excellent way to build face to face networks and using the brand of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to establish good and trustful partnerships.

Company Establishment

The Trade Council in Dubai has over many years registered a large number of Danish companies in the UAE. Due to our experience and our good network with relevant UAE authorities, we provide high quality and high speed solutions. Our starting point is to understand the type of company in order to decide what company our clients needs. When the most appropriate company type has been decided upon, we will then take care of all the paperwork and formalities. The Trade Council’s professional team of advisors is ready to assist your company establishing a company in the UAE.

Registration and Certification Support

The Trade Council can assist you in all steps of the process of registration and certification of products.


With local knowledge of the market and the general business culture, The Trade Council can assist you in finding the right people for your company in the UAE.

On-going Consulating

For larger, on-going, and growing projects the Trade Council can offer continuous guidance by having a Trade Advisor exclusively connected to your specific project. This ensures a coherent, strong, and interconnected relation between the Trade Council and your company, which creates good and significant results.

MENA Regional Cooperation

The Trade Council in Dubai is part of a regional cooperation in the Middle East and North Africa. This means that we can assist you if you wish to expand your business to other markets in the MENA region. Read more about the MENA regional cooperation and the different markets by clicking here 

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