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Trade and Business

The UAE's trade policy is characterized by low tariffs and few non-tariff barriers to trade. This openness has contributed to the solid growth and facilitated the diversification of economic activity in the country

Customs and duties

The main trade policy objective in the UAE is to improve market access for products through multilateral trade liberalization. The tariff structure on products in the UAE comprises different tariff rates. 5% is the general tariff rate and is applied on all products in the UAE, except for alcohol and tobacco, which is subject to tariffs of 50% and 100% respectively. Companies with valid trade licenses can import products into UAE. For more information please visit or  

Free zones
UAE’s liberal trade policy contrasts with its more restrictive policies on investment. Foreign participation in any domestic company or activity is limited to 49% of the capital. However, UAE’s free zones offer 100% foreign ownership and are thereby exempted from agency/distributorship, sponsorship and national ownership requirements. The free zones also offer tax exemption from personal income taxes and corporate taxes for 15 years, renewable for an additional 15 years. Furthermore, goods may be imported duty free into a free zone. For more information please visit the official website of UAE free zones