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Closing days 2021

Please find the closing days for The Danish Embassy in Abu Dhabi and The Danish Consulate General in Dubai. Please note that we are following the local authority's regulations, which may cause closing days to change at short notice.

Friday, 1 January

New Year Day

Thursday, 1 April

Maundy Thursday

Sunday, 4 April

Easter Day                                    

Monday, 5 April

Easter Monday                        

Wednesday, 12 May Eid Al Fitr*

Thursday, 13 May

Eid Al Fitr*

Sunday, 23 May

Whit Sunday(Pinsedag)

Monday, 19 July

Eid Al Adha*            

Tuesday, 20 July

Eid Al Adha*

Thursday, 21 October 

Prophet's Birthday            

Thursday, 2 December UAE National Day
Sunday, 26 December Christmas holiday
Thursday 27 - 31 December  Christmas week

* Subject to sighting of the moon.

Extraordinary closing days