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Schengen visa

Schengen visa applications to Denmark, Iceland, Greenland and Faroe Islands should be submitted through one of the Visa Application Centres VFS Global in Dubai or Abu Dhabi

VISA Application procedure from UAE

Appointments can only be booked through VFS website. If the system shows no availability, it means that all slots are currently fully booked. Please try again later.
Processing time is currently up to 30 days. 

How to apply and book an appointment

To apply for a visa, please go to the Joint Visa Application Centre (VAC)'s website.

Application procedure
1. Complete the online application form on: 
2. Pay the visa fee online
3. Print and sign the cover letter
4. Use the step by step guide on VFS website and identify your visa type.
4. Use the list of required documents for your visa type found on VFS website or through our website, and gather all your documents that is needed for your type of application
6. To book an appointment with VFS Global to hand in your visa application and have biometrics obtained, please proceed through VFS website
7. Service fee for VFS to be paid in addition
Information about how to invite a visa applicant to Denmark can be found on The Danish Immigration website.

Processing time
The current processing time in visa cases is up to 30 days. Longer time can be expected during holiday closure.
The Danish Consulate General cannot update you during the processing. Any query regarding the status of a visa case will not be responded to.

Kindly note VFS will not accept walk-ins without an appointment.

Please note that the Danish Consulate General is the authority who will assess and make the decision on your application. The Visa Application Centre is not involved in the decision making process.

Temporary withdrawal
Passports cannot be withdrawn in UAE within the 15 days of processing. In case of emergency travel, passport can be temporary withdrawn through VFS Global and applicant is responsible to resubmit the passport to VFS.
VFS or the Consulate General will NOT notify the applicant when a decision is ready. 

Applying for visa to Denmark from Qatar
For applicants in Qatar visa applications to Denmark can be submitted to the Hungarian Embassy in Doha. Applications to Faroe Islands and Greenland can only be submitted through a Danish mission.